Tips and Strategies on How to Play Texas Holdem Poker Cards

Tips and Strategies on How to Play Texas Holdem Poker Cards

To be a great Texas Hold’em, Poker player, you must be able to read/guess the enemy’s card, whether your enemy is just intimidating (bluffing) or they really have strong cards. However, learning the basic rules and some basic strategies in Texas Hold’em Poker game can also make you last longer in the Texas Holdem poker game.

Two Main Things You Must Remember

These two things are very basic in Texas poker, and players should always remember this, but many players forget about them because they get carried away in the game. So try to always remember these two things in the game of texas hold em poker online before you play.

1. The pair of cards you hold is the only pair of cards that differentiates you from other players, and these cards can give you a chance/chance to win

2. All cards face up on the table (community cards) are cards that can be used by you and all other players. So, always be aware of the possibility of straights and flushes at other players.

First Pair of Cards (Starting Hands)

At the start of the game, usually, the first decision that must be taken is when you get two cards in hand. Then how do you determine if your card is good?

In general, conservative/frugal type players will consider folding if the two cards in hand both have a value below 10. For people who are even more conservative, they will even fold if one of the cards has a value below 10. However, for that type player aggressively may keep playing with any card, for example, an 8, 9 cards or a card of the same suit (the card has a possible straight or a flush)
if the big blind places the smallest bet or when no player raises, there may be nothing wrong with placing a bet (call) when the hand is not good enough to see the flop (the first three cards opened in the middle of the table). But don’t make too many calls when the card is not good, because it can cause addiction and continuity.


In the starting card strategy in Texas poker, you have to be able to practice patience when you get less good cards, such as 5-8, 2-6, 4-9. Because, in the end, you will definitely get a good card, and that’s when you can take advantage. This is much better than wasting chips just to bet on a bad hand.


A mistake that beginners often make is when they enter the flop (3 cards open on the table). Usually, players don’t want to fold when they see three cards on the table and think that a better card will come out.
With seven players on the table, at least you have to get two pairs or a stronger card to win. If you don’t have a strong pair of cards in hand after the flop, for example, the flop: K-9-5 (then the strongest pair is the K pair), and if your card has no possibility of straight or flush, you should fold it.

However, you also have to remember that the fewer players who bet, the less likely a strong card will appear. So when there are only two or three players left at the table, playing with an aggressive strategy can also help you win.
If you are the first player to bet after the flop is out, don’t be afraid to check. This can be beneficial in two ways. First, if your card is not that strong, you may be able to see the next card without having to increase the stake. Second, if your card is strong, you can convince your opponent that it is as if your card is weaker than theirs.

Card Four and Card Five

In Texas poker, the fourth card and the fifth card that is dealt in the middle of the table are usually referred to as “The Turn” and “The River.” This fourth card and fifth card can give you two opportunities, namely the opportunity to get out of the bet (fold) before you lose all your bet money, or the opportunity to increase the bet so that the winnings can be bigger.

At this stage, there will usually be two or three players left in the bet. On this occasion, you must be more vigilant. After the fourth card comes out, don’t take part in the bet if you still haven’t found a strong card (expect a straight or flush on the fifth card) unless the player is raising, you may check (don’t increase the bet).

Even though at some point you should get a straight or a flush, the chances of getting a straight/flush are much smaller and very risky than folding / out of bets.

So the point is to always be vigilant, don’t let yourself get dragged into big bets without a strong card.

However, at certain times if you have placed a bet as much as 40% of the total chips you have, then an additional 5% more chips for betting may still be possible. But again, to stay alert to the possibility you could lose.

Good luck.