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Explanation and How to Play Sakong Online Gambling

Now, this is a discussion about what is the Sakong game in online gambling games. Who is not familiar with these card games? This is a game that is very easy to understand. For the game of Sakong, it seems that many people already know and how to play it. But here we will discuss again what is pocket game Sakong so that those who don’t know can understand it. I mean, let’s look at the explanation.

Explanation and How to Play Sakong Online Gambling

While it was a Sakong game, the Sakong game was one of the only games that exist in online audio. Where it can also be found not only in online gambling sites but in places to play gambling, we can also find it. This Sakong game is very easy to play. Where in this pocket game also has a special card, which is called the Jackpot card, in the live gameplay. You can find out what types of jackpot cards are in this pocket game. Here are the types of them.

AAA card

KKK card

QQQ card

JJJ Card

Card 10 10 10

3 Picture Cards

If you have cleared the separate card in the game of Sakong, how do you play it?

In the pocket play also the value of 10 is the highest, where every player who gets a card with ten will be paid double by the dealer. It’s fun, isn’t it? This game uses playing cards, where the cards will be divided into three cards. Two cards will be dealt openly, and one card each, for the face-down card is our chance to open slowly where the level of excitement will occur if we open it in a fantastic way.

As we already know in playing this pocket game. Usually, eight people played at one time. But among the eight players who were on the table at that time, it was a dealer at the table of the game. But to be a dealer is not easy; to become a dealer, you must have a certificate specified in its requirements.

sakong online

In order to understand how to earn, the number of cards is not quite right, and only you need to add them together; in this pocket game, there are also special cards like the above mentioned above. In this pocket game, three cards are distributed, if the card that you have got is triple, but the card you get is a picture like J J J, K K K, Q Q Q, A A, it’s a different payoff. If you get a card J J J the payout calculation will be at x2 the same as Q Q Q and K K K paid x2, the different payments if you get card A A A, for payment if you get a card A A A is x3 from your bet.

To calculate who won and who lost in this pocket game, the usual number of cards is calculated starting from numbers 1–9 instead of 0–9. The calculation of cards in the pocket game is quite different from counting cards in the other gambling card games, but the winning stakes are quite high and gonna make you a lot of money, especially if you’re playing at, the best online gambling site in Indonesia.

However, to get the Jackpot bonus, we also have to meet the requirements if we already get a special card included in the game, we don’t buy the jp for 1,000, so we don’t get it. Because to be able to get JP’s bounty, we also have to buy a bonus worth 1,000 for the calculation of the bonus, multiplied by how much it depends on how many JP numbers we have entered the table because each table has a different total jp.


The Secret to Winning When Placing Roulette Gambling Bets

Now, how to place roulette betting bets so you can continue to win is much sought after, and many even try to uncover the secrets behind how to win this roulette gambling. The progress of this increasingly sophisticated era makes technology more sophisticated. No exception is the game of roulette gambling, which has experienced innovation.

Online Roulette Gambling Game

Now you can play this roulette gambling game online too. You can access this game anytime and anywhere, as long as there are an internet connection and a smartphone, of course. This online roulette gambling game is the same as games on a trusted online casino site. It’s just that the difference is in the media of the game.

This roulette gambling game has two different versions of the game, namely European roulette and American roulette. But what is often used is European roulette. This is because European roulette provides greater benefits and the chances of winning are also greater when compared to American roulette. European roulette uses 37 numbers, while American roulette uses 36 numbers.

  • Guide to Win Roulette Gambling Bets

You have to pay attention to a guide so you can win when placing a roulette gambling bet if you want to win this one gambling game. You can learn about how to bet on roulette gambling so that you can get a large enough profit. You can use small or large number strategies and use odd or even numbers.

Both of these methods can give you a chance to win up to 65%. For those of you who want to win in large amounts, then, of course, you also have to bet big enough money too. If you follow these ways to place roulette bets, then you can win and get a lot of profit.

If you want to win when placing a roulette gambling bet, then you can also use a circle formula. As in games on trusted online sites, this formula is known to have a winning percentage of 1: 36. You can get wins quite easily by using this one formula. You also won’t lose a lot of chips or money because you lose.

This formula is known as using a circle pattern and is divided into four parts. The standard of this formula is the number 0 on the roulette wheel. Using this formula, of course, you must have large enough capital so that you can get big profits too. This formula can be used by those of you who are even beginners but on the condition that you have a lot of capital. You can use this method for playing most online casino games on various sites, like Maxbet, YukBola, and Sbobet. For detailed information, you can visit and found some useful information about betting there. Not only for Roulette, but they also have other games like poker, sportsbook, slot online, and many more.

  • Tips for Continuing to Win When Playing Roulette

If you want to continue to win when placing a roulette gambling bet, then, of course, you must have a large capital. This large capital is a requirement to be able to continue to win when placing bets. All players, whether they are novice players or even players who have played this gambling game for a long time, can use a strategy if their capital is also large enough.

Indeed, this condition is quite burdensome, but this method can help you get bigger benefits too. If you play this game online, then, of course, you have to prepare a smartphone, connect to the internet, and most importantly, also provide enough balance to place your roulette gambling bet later.

For those of you who want to top up your balance, there are many ways you can do it right now. Even to top up your balance now, you also don’t need to go to the bank anymore. You can use the way to top up your balance via your laptop or smartphone. But of course, you must have mobile banking or internet banking.

You can do ways to top up your balance quickly, easily, and of course, more practically. This will make it easier for you to play online roulette. By doing some of these methods, of course, you will find it easier to play and will be smoother when placing roulette betting bets and getting a profit.


How to Beat Number Games

Many of you may not know how a lottery output is obtained. Generally, you know only four-digit numbers that are listed on an online lottery site. But actually, the process of issuing lottery numbers is very complicated and long. If someone offers you a lottery leak, don’t buy it. And don’t you ever be interested in lottery leaks that are circulating on Social Media.

After you see the process of issuing lottery numbers, you will definitely understand why we advise you not to buy leaks. It’s better to choose alternatives such as online lottery predictions or join the pairs available on the Facebook group. Because a lottery prediction is open from the start that what is given is only a prediction.

How to Calculate the Predicted Results of the Right Tested Togel Output


The first thing in the process of issuing lottery numbers is through the rotation of the balls, each of which has a number. As many as six balls and one additional ball are required. After getting the seven balls, the next step is to sort them from smallest to largest. Then start entering the complicated calculation process. From this, you will definitely think that online lottery predictions are more possible than lottery leaks. Also, there are several things that must be understood to get the prediction results, here I will mention the steps.


Suppose that of the seven balls there are numbers as follows; 11-14-21-27-29-30 + 33. To get four numbers, these numbers will undergo three calculations. First to find the tens, then hundreds, and finally the thousands. Now let’s do the math to find the tens first.

To get the number of tens of ways to calculate it as follows; The first balls through the sixth add up (11 + 14 + 21 + 27 + 29 + 30). After that it is multiplied by two, and added by the number of the extra ball., 11 + 14 + 21 + 27 + 29 + 30 = 132 * 2 = 264 + 33 = 297.From the number 297, we take the last two numbers, namely 97 which are numbers tens of them. After that we enter the calculation of the hundreds by the way; the fourth ball is added to the fifth ball. 27 + 29 = 56, from number 56 we take the tail, which is 6. The number 6 becomes the hundreds for the lottery output.

After that we enter the calculation of the hundreds by the way; the fourth ball is added to the fifth ball. 27 + 29 = 56, from number 56 we take the tail, which is 6. The number 6 becomes the hundreds for the lottery output.


From the results of the calculation above, we find four numbers that are used as the result of an online lottery. This calculation method is also widely used by online lottery prediction predictors. Here are the conclusions: 2D (97), 3D (697), 4D (5697).

How is the process of issuing the results of a lottery market? Is it possible that a lottery leak could penetrate a counting process like this? Better to choose the results of your own prediction count or lottery leaks? All decisions are on your decisive date.

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The Most Effective Ways to Win Online Slot Games

The Most Effective Ways to Win Online Slot Games

Nowadays, there are many types of online gambling. Of course, with many types of gambling, it is very profitable for gamblers because they can choose the game they like according to taste. One of the most chosen by gamblers, especially in Indonesia, is online slot gambling.

This slot gambling is arguably the easiest to play compared to the others. You just have to spin and get the win. It sounds really easy, yes, but still, you can’t play it carelessly. If you are still reckless at random, you must be prepared to take the risk of losing a lot because you keep losing.

All of you, please just calm down. Here I will tell you some tips on how to win to play the most effective online slots, which I have collected from us PlayCCC, reliable bettors. Without waiting any longer, you can immediately see below.

The Most Effective Ways to Win Online Slot Games

The Most Effective Ways to Win Online Slot Games

Yes, indeed, by following our tips, these reliable bettors will not be able to make you win 100% because the name perfection belongs only to God. But I guarantee you, the chances of winning that you have will be much greater than playing carelessly. It’s like if you play carelessly, your winning percentage is 30%. By following these tips, it will be 90% more.

So that you can quickly get a win, here are the most effective tips for winning playing online slots:

Understand All the Workings and Rules of the Selected Slot Machine

This is definitely a must for you to have. The name is you want to play, of course, you have to know what you are playing. No need to rush, you can find out first the machine you choose how it works. If you really understand and understand, then you can play the game.

Pay More Attention to the Bets and Wins that Occur

You will also often find that bettors always make a full bet / maximum bet on each spin. I strongly remind you not to follow that. You have to pay more attention to the bets you make with the wins you get. Don’t just make maximum bets hoping to hit the jackpot. Try to combine your bets, either lowering them or increasing them. Because even with a small bet, you can still get the existing jackpot.

Choose Slot Machines that Are Not Too Popular

Surely many of you are confused by this one tip. Now, like this, a slot machine that is rarely in demand, of course, the machine owner will do something so that the machine becomes popular with others. The trick is to make it easy to get a win there. If someone has played and wins often, the news will circulate, and the machine will be busy playing. This is the gap that you can rely on, play this machine before it becomes popular, then you will easily win.

Determining the Right Time to Play the Game

You must be aware if there are times when the game becomes very difficult, and it is very difficult to get a win. This is where you have to be able to manage your time well, when to bet, and when you have to stop. Because, after all, self-control is very important in playing online slot gambling, don’t let you get consumed by the desire to get a win, which will usually only lead to more and more losses.

Find the Machine With the Biggest Jackpot

Before playing, you can look around first and find out which machine has the biggest jackpot among the others. Why is that? Because the big jackpot will certainly be lowered immediately so that the dealer does not lose money. That’s the time for you to take advantage of this moment, to get lots of wins. But you have to keep in mind, don’t immediately use all the capital you have. At least use half the maximum.

There are Times When You Have to Use Feeling

There must be times when you encounter a difficult situation while playing a slot machine. At times like that, don’t hesitate to follow your feelings. Because after all, the feeling is a conscience that we often regret because we don’t follow it, even though our conscience has told us what is the right thing to do. So don’t hesitate and be embarrassed to follow the feelings you have.

Choosing the Most Appropriate and Best Site to Play

Whatever tips you do, there will be no meaning if you are still playing on fake gambling sites. Make sure you choose to play on the right site, like, for example, this Playccc. Because it is clear, here you will be given various maximum services. And most importantly, no matter how many wins you get here, of course, they will be paid directly to their respective accounts, without any deductions.

Those are some tips from us as a reliable bettor, which you can apply immediately to get even more wins. Hopefully, these tips will be very useful, and you can share them with other fellow gamblers. Good luck!

Offline Betting Illustration

Online Bet Can Get You Through Winning Chances

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online gambling basic

Basic Rules of Playing Live Casino Indonesia

Gambling activities have been around for a long time ago. Until today, gambling has become a well-known part and has become a part of modern human life. Seeing the changes in gambling today, it is effortless or so easy to play the game. Just sit back, and you can get very good service from online provider that’s operating live casino in Indonesia site. Now, of course, it’s a game that somehow relieve your stress provided by many useful gambling activities and gameplay. So, of course, modern gambling is something that is, really, really extraordinary to do for some people who love this kind of game.

Main and Basic Rules of Online Casino

It will be incomplete if you have never tried to play online gambling, why? Because this game is a game that can indeed give you very different perspective and new things discover. However, of course, in playing, you cannot do this activity carelessly. You have to do it well and carefully. Don’t forget that this is the basis for playing, which is crucial and important in a gambling game itself. We will give you some general rules in an online casino.

The Best and Most Important Online Casino Rules

What you really have to know and understand well. When you want to gamble, you should understand very well what rules are a significant part of online gambling itself. For those of you who are curious about what and how the existing regulations are, we will give you some information according to our specialist in online gambling, Ice3bet that famous for their slot online pragmatic game and obviously the best and greatest gambling agent in South East Asia.

Judi online slot

This will be quite informative for you. So, listen and get everything really clear and useful. This will help you become a stronger and more solid player.

  1. Gambling is strictly prohibited if you are a minor. If you are under 18 years of age, you cannot play gambling because one of the reasons is you still cannot be responsible or prepared for gambling itself.
  2. Play by knowing that cheating is strictly prohibited in any ways. In fact, for whatever reason, cheating is something that cannot be justified in an online casino gambling game.
  3. Gambling must have a strong will. Don’t gamble if you can’t afford it. You must obey and also following with the regulations of the site that provides the game itself. Those are some general rules in online casino gambling. So, we give this information to you so that you can better understand and know what to do when you are going to gamble.
  1. Do not be fiery; what is meant here is to play with the right portion of emotions. When you win, set the limit until when you want to keep playing. When you lose, don’t get emotional and risk all the money and remaining wealth because you want to win a lot right away.
  2. Contribute; by playing online gambling, you will definitely make an infinite amount of money! Therefore set aside some of your winnings for people in needs, so you can experience high-level victories!

Basic Rules Of Playing Blackjack

BLACKJACK is a casino game that uses 4 decks of playing cards as a playing tool, and where in blackjack, players and dealers cannot pass 21. You can play blackjack now on the casino server. The blackjack game is in great demand, so that’s why the many site provides blackjack games in order to provide your playing comfort and pleasure.

Blackjack is not a new type of game. The way to play in the online blackjack game is no different from other game. You are entitled to a pure blackjack card, which is 21, where the card consists of 2 cards. The 2 cards are 1 ace card and one of the 10, J, Q, K cards. If you get a pure blackjack card and the dealer scores below blackjack you will get double the payout.

For those of you old players who are already involved in the world of online gambling, of course it will not be difficult to play the online blackjack game. However, for those of you new players who want to join and try playing blackjack online. You can learn the basic rules of playing blackjack.

Basic Rules of Playing Blackjack

You can see the basic rules for playing blackjack in this article to learn more about the online blackjack game.

Card Value

The value in each card game will of course vary. The game rules have been determined according to the type of game you want to play. But here what we are discussing is the game of blackjack. So to get to know the value of the card according to the basic rules of playing blackjack you can see below.

  • Ace Card
    In blackjack, the values ​​on the ace card are 1 and 11. These values ​​depend on the type of card being played.
  • Cards 2 To Cards 10
    Cards with numbers 2 to 10 of the card value will be of the same value as the card or there will be no change.
  • Picture Cards
    Picture cards such as Jack, Queen, and King cards have a value of 10.

Blackjack wins


Apart from card value, players must also know how your card is called a winning card. You can see the blackjack winning rules below.

  • Blackjack (21)
    As we previously explained, you will get paid double if you get a pure blackjack card.
  • Player Win / Player Win
    In blackjack, if you play as a player, you will win if you have a value higher than the bookie card value. However, your card does not pass the highest number on the blackjack card, which is 21.
  • Draw
    In blackjack betting, the bet will return to you if your card value and the dealer card value are the same. The idn server is a fairly fair server in online blackjack games. Because there are several online blackjack game servers, where if your card is the same as the dealer card, your card will be counted as losing. This includes if you and the dealer get pure blackjack.
  • The dealer wins
    In the blackjack game, a dealer will win if the dealer’s card is above the player’s card and does not pass the highest number of blackjack cards, which is 21. The dealer or dealer in blackjack can stand with a minimum value of 17, if the dealer produces a number less than 17. must hit or add cards to the minimum card limit.

Various Types of Markets on The Most Trusted Online Football Betting Sites

Online gambling games in Indonesia are experiencing very rapid development. Evidenced by the increasing number of types of games that are increasingly diverse. One type of online gambling game that is most chosen by bettors from various circles around the world is soccer gambling. As is well known that soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world. The popularity of football is a very profitable arena to get large amounts of big money profits. Not only that, but very easy access makes this soccer gambling very much in demand by bettors in various regions. You only need to look for it on a trusted online soccer betting site.

Types of Markets on Trusted Online Football Betting Sites

So, here are several types of online soccer betting markets that can be selected according to the level of ability the players have.

Fulltime Handicap

This first type of soccer market is the most popular and preferred type of bet by soccer gambling lovers. This gambling game is also known as a type of shoal market that has 100% Sgp Lottery Advantage Tips and Tricks, Precise rules and the easiest way to play. Where players only have to bet on their favorite football club without having to care about the opposing team.


Correct Score

The following types of betting betting games are known to be more difficult than other types of betting markets. The reason is that there will be many possible numbers that come out compared to the handicap and 1X2 market types, which in each bet will only have two results, namely 2 and 3 results. But you need to know, if the guess the score made by the player is correct, then the multiplication is quite large and many times. many of the bettors consider this a jackpot. Any other score or what is often referred to as AOS will refer to other scores that are not listed on the online shelf menu on the site.

First Half Correct Score

Basically, this type of market is the same as the usual type of correct score. However, the scale for calculating the correct score in the first half was smaller than the correct score for full time. The players who choose this market type must guess the number of goals scored in the first half of the match. The score in the second half will not be calculated by the dealer on this type of soccer gambling market.

Second Half Correct Score

The second half correct score market type is a type of bet that requires players who have put in capital to guess the goal score in the second half of the match. Meanwhile, the score for babal perama will not be counted.

Combo Correct Score

The correct score combo market type is a betting market that requires players to guess the score of each team in the first and full time rounds correctly. If the multiplication of the prediction you guessed is correct, the result will be quite large. But you need to know, if the guess in the first half is not correct, then both halves will be considered wrong.
Now betting addict, there are several types of markets to play soccer gambling on a trusted online soccer betting site that you can choose according to your skill level and desire. Make sure that you understand the rules and how to play the type of soccer gambling market to be selected. That way, there will be no technical errors and you won’t experience big losses. Enjoy playing and hopefully this is useful.


Preparation Mature From Playing Domino Cards That Become Idols

Every domino card game must have everything prepared. So you can’t just play just like that. Everything must be prepared in advance so that your game can produce. Besides that, games with this preparation can make you more confident in betting and playing.

It cannot be denied that most gambling players rely on luck. There is some truth in this, but it turns out that there are also ways to minimize losses. Luck will not be certain when it will come. Therefore, to anticipate this, preparation for gambling must be done.

Preparation is made sure before you bet. So it is specially prepared to anticipate all the possibilities that will happen. Usually professional players always do this first. But sometimes beginners whose flying hours are still few Tips and Tricks to Win Bets on a Trusted Online Roulette Gambling Site, mostly just depend on their luck.

Even though they can create their own luck by doing careful preparation. Of course, this preparation can be done by anyone. Including those of you who still don’t have much experience. This will help you escape the stigma that online gambling only relies on the luck factor.


Every Online Gambling Game Must Use Special Preparation

Preparation in the domino card game that you have to do can be in the form of skill or capital preparation. To prepare skills in playing gambling, you really have to do a lot of gambling practice. It is possible to use offline applications so as not to spend a lot of capital. But if you want to gamble, it’s also not prohibited.

Gambling skills can be trained, but capital may not be trained. You must have a lot of money first before betting online gambling on the internet. If your capital is low, maybe you can do a little trick to get the bonus. So with these bonuses you can make a profit.

That thorough preparation will present a great victory. So the way to be able to play online gambling successfully is definitely with special preparation. If not, your domino card gambling game can suffer a loss.


Guide to Choosing Online Poker Site

Currently there are so many online poker sites in Indonesia, with various promotions and bonuses offered competing to get the attention of members. However, it is necessary for players to choose carefully so as not to be trapped by rogue online poker sites so that you can play safely and comfortably.

What are the characteristics of a cheater online poker?

We are not saying that all online poker sites are scammers, but it can be said that “THERE” are some rogue online poker sites that are only aiming for their own profit. This is very detrimental not only for players but also for other online poker sites because it defames the name of online gambling sites in Indonesia.


Some of the factors that can be indicators of a cheater online poker site are as follows:

Fake Bonus

If you often see or hear of a site offering a fantastic amount of bonuses and it sounds unreasonable, beware. Because basically an online poker agent only takes advantage of the table money in the form of gratuities, so it is impossible if they offer a bonus with numbers that don’t make sense. This is done to attract attention so that people want to join as a member and make a deposit, but in the end the bonus offered will be ZONK, aka a lie. You also cannot check if they distribute bonuses based on turnover value or have certain conditions and have an Absolute value. This is their way of avoiding complaints or complaints when you feel cheated or cheated.

Fake Withdraw

Maybe you don’t believe it, but there are online gambling sites that do things like this, falsify proof of transfer, especially if a member is doing WD with fantastic value. This is very detrimental to members, especially since it is not easy to win with large numbers, of course it takes time and energy too. For this reason, it is necessary for you to choose an online poker site carefully and thoroughly.

We have often played and explored various online poker sites in Indonesia, and we have recommendations for the best online poker sites that might be taken into consideration for those of you who like playing online poker but are confused for fear of being deceived.

Btw, we also want to communicate if you have the experience of being cheated by online gambling sites, or have other interesting experiences, please email us at: maybe we can provide suggestions and tips.