Understanding Online Poker Card Sequences and Combinations

Understanding Online Poker Card Sequences and Combinations

Indeed, the most basic thing for every online poker player in conquering the game is mastering the basics. One of them is how to read cards and their combinations in online poker games. Especially in agen poker online terpercaya, winning is determined from the trusted site whose card combination is the best so it is imperative that every player be able to understand the various combinations that exist in online poker games.

The basic flow of the online poker game is as follows. As soon as you enter the online poker game, you will be dealt 5 cards and there will be 5 cards on the game table where at the start of the game 2 cards will be opened first. Your task is to make a combination that can be created from the cards in your hand with the cards on the table and compete with other players to determine whose combination is the best. You can also choose to raise the bet, place a bet, or withdraw from the game during that round.

Here are the rich combinations of playing online poker, namely


  • The first is the Royal Flush, which is the card combination with the highest value. These card combinations are created from Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 cards of the same suit (heart, diamond, spade, or curl).
  • Next is the Straight Flush. This card combination is the same as in the royal flush, except that the order made does not have to be the highest. Yet still sequential and of the same kind. For example J, 10,9,8,7 which is kind of heart.
  • Next up is the Four of a Kind combination. This third highest combination is a combination where there are 4 cards of the same value. For example K, K, K, K, 2.
  • Continuing to the fourth place from the highest combination in poker is Full House. Is a combination of the same 3 cards and the same 2 cards. For example 8,8,8,6,6.
  • Next in fifth position is the Flush combination. Namely a card combination formed from 5 cards of the same suit regardless of value. Example K, 10,7,4,3 of the shovel type.
  • Do not miss the next combination is Straight, where a combination is created from 5 cards that have consecutive values ‚Äč‚Äčregardless of type. For example Q, J, 10,9,8.
  • The next combination is Three of a Kind where the combination of 3 cards of the same value. For example 6,6,6,3,2.
  • The Two Pair combination, which is a combination containing 2 pairs of twin cards. For example 8,8,5,5,2.
  • Next is the One Pair combination. Not far from a two pair combination, but in this combination there are only a pair of twin cards. For example J, J, 6,4,3.
  • And the last combination which is the lowest combination of online poker games is High Card, which does not form a special combination but only cards with high value. For example K, 8,5,4,3.

Thus this article entitled Understanding the Order and Combinations of Online Poker Cards.