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Kornbread ft. Chevy Jones -Melodie Sweets- (Official Video) - YouTube

Featured Artist | Kornbread ft. Chevy Jones “Melodie Sweets” (Official Video) | @kornbread800

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 Southern California emcee, Kornbread (1/3 of hip-hop group, Those Chosen) has released his first solo venture titled “Strays” LP, produced entirely by fellow So Cal native, J. Bizness. This amazing project is a view into the mindset of an individual who chooses to make their own path in life. The decisions that we make determine our progression or regression regardless of other people’s opinions of our circumstances. Strays embodies the trials and triumphs of many aspects of everyday living told from a lyrically insightful point of view. Definitely worth taking a listen to!
Listen and download “Strays”: http://kornbread.bandcamp.com/album/strays
Kornbread Twitter: www.twitter.com/kornbread800

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